Now seems like a good time to remind myself of a quote I came across a few years back,

” A farmer has to be an optimist, otherwise he wouldn’t still be a farmer” – Unknown

It has to rain eventually, right?  We will still keep on farming like it will.  We did receive a bit of rain on Friday but far, far, far from anything sufficient.  An inch a week is really the ideal this time of year.  We haven’t had an inch of rain the past month!  Fortunately, we do have an irrigation system and are doing all we can to compensate.  We will have a few new items in the share this week. 


Pac Choi

Harukei Turnips




Spring Onion

We have a great recipe for glazed turnips/radish on our website.  If you look under the Our Vegetables tab and go to Root Vegetables you will find it. 

The Pac Choi and Arugula have a real nice spice about them.  Not to hot, just enough tang to really satisfy the taste buds.  They go well together in a salad.  The Pac Choi seemed to be a big hit with the bugs too!  Haha.  In some way it can be reassuring to see imperfect veggies.  I know I am always skeptical when something looks perfect.  The real test is in the taste.  

Well hopefully Mother Nature opens the gates to the rainclouds this week.  We shall remain optimistic farmers!