With two more weeks to go, the CSA shares are still quite a bounty.  The main field has now been mowed and and turned over.  Hopefully we will get a cover crop of hairy vetch and clover planted in it this week which will feed the soil nitrogen for next year’s crops!  Last Fall was the first year we planted them for over winter and the results speak for themselves.  We also had ample amounts of rain which helps in most cases.   Their is still one large patch of green out there and that is the eggplant and pepper sections which keep on pumping out the produce!  There is also a very narrow strip of green left and that is the celeriac which we will harvest this week.   The bottom field which sits behind our pole barn is still full of good eating and is where the bulk of this week’s share is growing.

CSA List

Spinach – in the first few weeks of shares and the last few!

Lettuce Mix





Butternut Squash

Sweet Potatoes

Kennebec Potatoes

Choice Table

We had a very positive response in regards to Four Monkey’s Coffee.  We had to ask them to roast us some more already!  This week we will offer the same two roasts but will have both whole bean and ground coffee.

Time is running out to stock up on Calaboga Grazing’s meat!  They are sold out of baby back ribs and running low on bacon.  They are now all stocked back up on beef cuts.

Darkness sets in quicker the last two weeks of pick up and we now ask that all members try to get here by 6:30.  If you have trouble doing so, that is not a problem, all we ask is that you let us know you are running late and we will leave a pre packed share under the pavilion for you.