What a year for rain we are having.  Even when there is none in the forecast, like last night, we are getting some.  I lost track of how much rain we got this past week but it was way too much to do good.  So things are turning back fast.   The final melon of the year for us, cantaloupe, is in really bad shape.  We hope to find enough good ones for everyone this week.  We got a pile of soggy bottom ones though!  Other crops having a hard time with this moisture are the tomatoes, tomatillos, the 2nd planting of summer squash, and the winter squash.  Thankfully, it looks like the winter squash is far enough along that it l will still be a great harvest.  We will begin bringing them in this week.  Delicata, Butternut, Kabocha, Acorn and Spaghetti squash will all be brought in from the fields this week to cure in the greenhouse.  The edible pumpkins and decorative gourds have a few weeks to go yet.  Some dry weather would do them well! 

Of course, we have alot to be thankful for.  It has been quite a year for every crop so far except the garlic.  We are really starting to stock up the freezer with some tastes of summer for this coming winter.  There is still a chance for members to as well.  1/2 bushels (25lbs) of paste tomatoes and 1/4 bushels of pickling cucumbers are for sale this week.  We will also open the row of purple and green beans up for pick your own if you are interested in putting some of them away in bulk.  If there is anything else in the CSA share that you might want extra of, just ask us!  Perhaps you would like extra hot peppers and tomatillos for salsa?  We can hook you up!  Maybe you want an extra watermelon to stick a bottle of vodka in?!?  We got that too 😉

Here is the share this week

Heirloom Tomatoes

Cherry Tomatoes

Sweet Peppers

Hot Peppers



Patty Pan Squash




Filet Beans

Choice Table

This year’s heirlooms…  which are your favorite?