Well, this I can handle!  A beautiful weekend and a bountiful harvest.  This week we can look forward to:

Sweet Potatoes

Russet Potatoes



Lettuce Mix


Butternet Squash




Couple of notes:

First, Tomatillo’s are a bit unfamiliar to some.  Think Mexican when it comes to how to use them.  They make great sauce, salsa, and even soup.  They store well also if you need some time to decide how to use them! 

We had a pretty nice harvest of russet potatoes and sweet potatoes.  We’ll be including these in the share for awhile, perhaps the rest of the way.  Again, they are great keepers.  No rush to feel like you have to eat them all in one week.  But in case you do, we’ll keep a steady supply coming!

Tomatoes are still coming in!  The cherry size tomatoes rebounded quite nicely too.  If you didn’t get the chance to oven dry any of them…  I highly recommend you do.   I promise you won’t be sorry come January!

If you cut your melon open and it is all white inside, do not fret, it’s supposed to be!  We grew a variety called white wonder.   We tried one on Friday after prepping for the Bath Farmers Market… quite tasty I do say. 

All in all, it’s a nice mix of summer and fall this week in the CSA box….  Enjoy!