Like a lot of people, Fall is my favorite of the 4 seasons.  The cool weather, the colors, and the tastes are a tough combination to beat.  The main part of this week’s share is 100% Fall.  Their might be a few holdovers of summer on the choice table yet though!

Our two new items for this weeks share are:

Sweet Potatoes – we grew 2 varieties this year.  The first one we’ll have is a white sweet potatoe called O’ Henry.  It is creamy, stringless and great tasting!

Radish –  the two smaller varieties we had back in May are here again.  Cherry Belle and French Breakfast

We will also have:

Mesclin Mix


Butternut Squash

Delicata Squash


And in the non-edible section we will have some decorative gourds and corn.  Everyone will be able to take a gourd and some decorative corn.  If you want the stalks for decoration you may also take those as well, so plan appropriately!