Heather, Jonas, and I had the opportunity to get away for the weekend.  We headed to her parents farm in Centre County, Pennsylvania.  This happened to be the weekend of the county fair so we took in the sights, sounds, and tastes of what the fair had to offer on Saturday night.  One sight that that struck us the oddest was the produce display.  Pretty standard affair of vegetables were entered for judging until we saw the vegetables entered in the “freak” category.  The tomatoes entered here were not the perfectly round, completely unblemished sort,  they were bulbous and misshapen resembling… well… 90% of our tomatoes!  Are we the freaks here?!?  

Carrot freak from Terra Fauna Farm

Our delectable lettuce mix is back for an encore appearance.  A couple of those freaky tomatoes will taste pretty darn good tossed in with it.  The hot weather also put our okra production back in high gear and we should have enough okra for everyone this week.  Along with the choice of kale or swiss chard, we’ll also have a choice of watermelon or cantaloupe.   

Lettuce Mix






Sweet Corn


Kale/Swiss Chard