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Green Beans

Ma’ Nature has turned the thermostat up a notch and the crops are responding in kind.  The zucchini is here and with a vengeance!  You all might need this…  http://www.treehugger.com/green-food/100-ways-to-cook-zucchini.html  !!

I did see the zucchini coming though,  we were close to having enough for last week.  What I didn’t see coming was the green beans.  While picking the peas, I glanced a row over and dangling down was a juicy ripe green bean.  That put a smile on my face!  Let the tastes of summer begin….

But as the summer begins we are already sewing the seeds for fall.  We have the butternut, delicata, acorn, and spaghetti squash in the ground.  Also planted some parsnips and neck pumpkins this week.  Now for the funny or not so funny part… For the third time this year we planted okra…  and it’s not that we now have three different beds of okra.  One year after a record okra harvest we can’t even get an okra plant to live.  The window of opportunity is all but closed but they don’t call us stubborn Dutchmen for nothing!  We are going to plant okra and keep planting okra until the cows come home. 

Is anyone’s fridge overflowing with garden goodness?  We put a dent in ours tonight.  We had some simple roasted root veggies for dinner.  Turnips, Red Beets, and Carrots tossed with olive oil, sea salt ,fresh ground pepper, thyme and then tossed with a balsamic after roasting.  Loved them all but the red beets sure were extra delicious.  I’m still amazed at what they turned out to be after such a rough start.  Then we made a couple batches of kale chips.  And now we have a zucchini bread in the oven.  Getting stocked up and ready for another busy week!

NOTE:  No Bath Market this week.  Friday Members are picking up Thursday at the farm from 3-7.   8142 Meadow Rd Northampton PA 18067.

Have a great holiday!