Hurray for Fall!  We finally have some great working weather… cool air, gentle breezes and NO MORE GNATS.  The heat and humidity of summer we get used to, but those gnats were enough to drive ya buggy!!

We started to turn the fields over from summer to fall recently.  The tomatoes have been plowed under now.   We are very thankful for the good two months of production they gave us.  The storage russet potatoes are all harvested and ready for distribution to the CSA members.   In their place we planted a cover crop to protect and feed our soil over winter.  This week the concentration will be to get the sweet potatoes out of the ground.  We really have a great looking crop out there to harvest and members can expect them to be in the share for weeks to come!

Here’s a look at what else to expect this week:

Sweet Potatoes

Butternut Squash

Dragon Beans

Mustard Greens/ Arugula mix

Lettuce Mix


Russet Potatoes

Eggplant / Okra

Decorative Pumpkins / Gourds

If you follow our instagram page you probably saw our video of the dry beans being shelled.  We still need to sort out the beans from the chaff and they will be in the share for next week.