Summertime temperatures and humidity are back again this week, which is actually the last week of the official summer season.  It’s not necessarily a welcome return visit as far as I am concerned!  We do have a few items in the CSA share making a return visit that I am glad to see though.  Here is this week’s list:

Gold Rush Russet Potatoes – great size on these this year will make for some good baked potatoes

Mesclun Mix – our blend of peppery greens and buttery smooth lettuce

Arugula – pure peppery greens here!

Celeriac – still didn’t figure out what to do with the one from last week?  No worries, they keep well!

Delicata Squash – try roasting these and then drizzle with some cinnamon and honey….. and speaking of honey… we will now have some of the darker honey for sale at CSA pick up.  My father, our beekeeper, harvested a few frames of honey since we had run out of the honey harvested in July. 

Butternut Squash – our greenhouse is bursting full of these guys!  We will try not to overload you all at once, but you can expect a few more in the shares.

Golden Beets – these are not quite a the size we would prefer to harvest them at but the deer are starting to ravage them….. an unpleasant and not at all cute picture to follow….

Kohlrabi -the vegetable from Mars is back

Kale or Collards – your choice!

Also a choice table with peppers, eggplant, spaghetti squash and more.

Brand new row cover torn open by deer to eat the golden beets.  Not cool…

Here they tore the beets out of the ground but did not eat them… just let them lay.  This is not cool, not cute and I was not happy.    The row cover use to work for us as protection from deer, but not anymore obviously.