Wow, that was a windy weekend.  The garden was begging for mercy by the end of it, but I think we’ll pull through ok.  Nothing that we shouldn’t be able to recover from anyway.   The rough weather is really pushing things back though.  We will have a rather light box in terms of produce this week so we have turned to our partners in farming to help us out.  The honeybees!  We will be including a jar of our raw honey in every box this week.  We now have two hives on our farm and when the weather is nice the bees are busy.  Occasionally, I like to just take a moment from my work in the garden and wander over to the hives and watch them work.  It is pretty fascinating watching them fly in with cargo loads of pollen from places unknown. 

In addition to the honey, you will have a bag of our lettuce mix.  This year we have 6 beds of different varieties of loose leaf lettuce.  It is quite a colorful mix this year!  We have been able to include a bag of the lettuce mix in the CSA boxes till the beginning of July in years past and then resuming in September.   

For the first few weeks of the CSA we will also have spinach.  The spinach usually fades out quicker than the lettuce mix, but at the moment we are swimming in it.  If you still have the turnip greens from last week, you can combine them with spinach and sautee them together.  We will put a recipe on our recipe page after this blog!

We will also have radish once again and if you are looking to try something a bit different with the radish… try roasting them.  Again a recipe will be added. 

To round out the CSA box this week we will have either Kale or Swiss Chard. 

With the hot weather in the forecast it is a pretty safe bet you can look forward to strawberries next week.  Till then I guess we’ll just have to eat our greens!