Our sweet corn is starting to ripen up and it’s delicious.  If I can help myself to not eat the ears of corn as I pick them, I will add them to the CSA boxes this week!   We have 4 different timed plantings, so if all goes well, the sweet corn will be here for a few weeks.   

We have had another crop fail to germinate.  Now the  spinach appears to not like the warm soil temps.  With the cooler (I even had a sweatshirt on yesterday morning) nights though we will replant this weekend.  So, by the end of September we should be welcoming back our tasty spinach.

This week:

Lettuce Mix       Tomatoes

Kale                 String Beans

Eggplant           Zucchini

Carrots             Peppers

Okra                Sweet Corn

A few pictures of our sweet corn patch. You can really get an appreciation of the height when Greg stands next to it.


Edamame (Soybean) looking very healthy. Not ready to pick

yet but keep your eyes peeled for it this Fall!!

Little baby okra grows fast. What you see is the fruit after the blossom – which looks like a hibiscus flower!!