Keeping an acre of vegetables going is no easy thing to do!  Although I bet some of those farming on a few more then 1 acre might get a kick out of me saying that.  I guess it’s relative to the size of your crew and the equipment you have.  We posted two profiles of our farm crew on the “staff page” under the Main pull down tab from the homepage.  We have a couple more profiles to add.  In fact, we have a couple of more volunteers first arriving this week now that school is out.  It takes a village!

pic above – Duane using the rototiller.

This week somehow someway despite the adverse conditions we planted our melon starts.  Two types of watermelon, two types of cantaloupe, and a new one —  galia melon.   Can’t say I have ever tried a galia melon, but it sounded good in the seed catalog.  We’ll give it a whirl! 

The week up ahead we will be tilling up the 100ft row of spinach that lies right next to the garden shed.  In its place will be a row of flowers for fresh cutting.  This will be for our CSA members to cut a bouquet for themselves if they so wish.  It will be our first year dabbling in flowers so let’s cross our fingers 😉

It was not our first year of growing broccoli, but it has been a struggle none the less.   We should have easily had enough for CSA and market.  Weather conditions wreaked havoc so the harvest is down but I believe we have just enough to give everyone a little bit of broccoli this week.  The second planting hasn’t started to “head” yet so maybe it will be better.

We’ll also start the carrot and turnip harvest this week.  They maybe a trite smaller then you’re used to, but tasty for sure. 

Here is what to expect in CSA share week 5



Lettuce Mix

Snow Peas




Kale/Swiss Chard

Garlic Scapes


Thanks for all the recipes and comments on our webpages!



Trouble brewing in the peas 🙂

Rise and SHINE!

Pea Blossoms