One of our goals this year was to improve our salad greens.  In years past, our lettuce mix gave up to the July heat and we would go through the months of July and August with all the fixings to make a great salad but had no greens to go with them!  One thing is for sure, we have improved our greens game this year… but like anything related to farming, we are always learning.  The biggest change we made was switching from a loose leaf salad mix to head lettuce for these hotter months.  For this week we are going back to the heads of red romaine.  This variety called Marshall is turning out to be a real winner in taste and looks!  We did hit a minor stumbling block and will probably not have any lettuce mix for two weeks after this one, but if all goes as planned we will be back in the “greens game” in mid-late August with a green romaine called Jerico. This variety was bred in Israel’s hot dry climate to stand high temperatures….  hey we got hot dry conditions, these will feel right at home in Pennsylvania!

Another trial that worked out for us this year was celery.  We trialed two different types and the first one, called Tango, is ready to harvest.  I am not a huge celery fan for fresh eating, but one taste of these tender, nearly stringless stalks and I was ready to dance! 

The CSA list for week 10



Sweet Peppers ( chocolate and green bells + red frying peppers )

Red Romaine


Cherry Tomatoes