So, I am not about to claim to be some great organic fruit grower that doesn’t need to spray his apple trees to get a crop.  Truthfully, I do not know anything about fruit trees.  But,  we do have access to  3 apple trees that have not been sprayed with anything in 15 years and they have a bumper crop hanging from them this year.  I taste tested them tonight and admittedly they are not like honeycrisp or gala, but they do make for a great applesauce and are great bakers.   We will have a bunch picked for everyone this week.  Most everyone who drives to our farm can see the apple trees right along Snyder’s Church Rd on the left just before you climb the hill to the church.  This is the farm that was once my grandparents and is currently where our beef cattle are hanging out! 

Along with the apples, we will also have a couple of other fall season crops in the share this week,  butternut and acorn squash.   I think it is the earliest we have ever had winter squash in the CSA, but I guess that is keeping with the theme of this wacky year.  This is definitely the earliest we have mown down the tomatoes, but they were simply just not producing anymore and needed to go before disease became an issue.  The winter squash harvest looks like it will be a good one though despite the plants dying back earlier then we are used to seeing.  

CSA share


Sweet Peppers

Hot Peppers


Acorn Squash

Butternut Squash



Choice between:  Dragon Beans, Okra, or Eggplant

Flowers & Herbs


Have a great week!