We have a pretty sweet share this week.  Our Watermelon are the best we have ever grown.  We have two varieties, Sunsweet and White Wonder.  The Sunsweet are the big, oval type and the White Wonder are round, more like a basketball.  They have white, incredibly juicy flesh that can be eaten right down to the rind.  Take your pick! 

We will also have some rather sweet onions for everyone called Borretana Cipollini.  Cipollini (pronounced Chip oh lee nee)  is an Italian word for onion.  They are the quintessential braising and boiling onion that does wonders for soups, stir fry, and shish kabobs. 

Next on the sweet list is potatoes.  We will have sweet potatoes for everyone to indulge in.  We planted 4 varieties this year.  We’ll start out with the Vardeman’s which is a fantastic keeper and very versatile.

And just to throw a curveball at everyone to keep you on your toes we will also include some celeriac in the share!   One of my favorites, Celeriac may be roasted, stewed, blanched, or mashed.  But may I suggest trying the celeriac and apple slaw found in our recipe section.  It is delectable.

Here is the complete list:

Watermelon – White Wonder or Sunsweet

Sweet Corn – Spring Treat

Sweet Potatoes – Vardeman

Celeriac – Brilliant

Onions – Borretana Cipollini

Swiss Chard/Kale

Sweet Peppers