Somehow, someway we missed a lot of the rain this weekend.  We still had 3/4 of an inch but from the reports I heard about, we were lucky that is all we got.  We sure hope we can manage to dodge some more storms this week.  We still have a lot of potatoes to dig, seeds to sew, and plants to… well… plant!   Despite the recent deluge of rain we have some great flowers in the pick your own garden.  Right now the stars of the show are these asters:

and not to be outdone are the gathering amounts of monarch and swallowtail butterflies fluttering their way through

In between and during rain storms we managed to bring a couple pallets of winter squash in from the field.  They are curing in the greenhouse right now so their skins can thicken up for winter storage and they also get sweeter as they sit in the warm greenhouse for a week or two.  The first variety we harvested were the delicata squash and we are going to put them in the share this week.  Their skins are very thin and delicate.  Therefore, they do not make a good winter keeper. But they sure are tasty!  Here is a picture of the current state of our greenhouse.

The butternuts are first in line, followed by kabocha squash, the delicata, and way in the back is an old heirloom variety we tried out called Galeux d’Eysines.  Not very many of those, so we may have to raffle them off! Lol!!

What we do not have to raffle off right now are tomatoes, but we might have to soon.  The are fading fast now.  My guess is two more good weeks.  If you are interested in making sauce this is the best week to do so.  Next week at the latest.  Beyond that… I would not count on us to have them in bulk for you.  If you are interested in a 1/2 bushel of Amish Paste tomatoes for $20 or a peck for $12.50 let me know.  We will have them picked and ready for you at CSA pick up.  We also have a very healthy amount of basil, peppers, hot peppers, and we do have onions for your sauces.  If you need extra of anything,  just ask.  We will hook you up!!

Here’s what else we’ll hook you up with for week 13:

Purple Potatoes

Red Onions

Delicata Squash


Asian Eggplant


Tomatoes of all sizes

A choice section featuring:  Tomatillos, Hot Peppers, Sweet Peppers, Fennel, Beans, Carrots, and more!

Gotta love summer… rain or shine right?!?