I hope everyone is enjoying the melon season so far.  We have been getting great feedback about the galia melons.  We had some cantaloupe for everyone last week…  so it will be interesting to hear about these too.  We cut up all the cracked or soft spot cantaloupe for ourselves to eat and they have been hit and miss as far as taste goes.  Hopefully everyone had a hit or two!   There are more melons for everyone to try this week… watermelons and canary melons.  We have tried 3 watermelons so far and they have all been delicious.  The canary melons are of the hit and miss variety again.  Some are great while others fall a bit flat.  Personally, I absolutely love melons and there are a lot of different types out there.  We will continue to experiment with a couple every year!

The heirloom tomatoes are finally ripening!  It seems no matter how hot and humid July got they just refused to turn red.  This was due to the cool and cloudy May, such a distant memory in this heatwave.   It seemed I waited so long for that first tomato and cheese sandwich I had no less then 6 of them Saturday… haha  Lucky for everyone they are ripening faster then I can eat them.

The CSA shares continue to grow in size and weight.  Come prepared accordingly!



Sweet Peppers

Red Romaine






Canary Melon

Fingerling Potatoes


Choice:  Okra, Zucchini, Tomatillo, Hot Peppers