Fighting this weather has led to some creativity with what’s going in the shares.  We threw some leftover pea seeds in the ground a little over a week ago and will be harvesting little pea plants called pea shoots for the shares this week.

Us farmers love growing pea shoots because they offer the flavor of the pea, but can be harvested in less then a quarter of the time. And one of the reasons home cooks like them (apart from their flavor) is because they’re rich in nutrients. But how do you cook with something that quite literally looks like a plant (more so than any other produce you may have)?

Turns out, you can very easily just swap them in for any soft, leafy green in a recipe. The stems are edible and the tendrils are delicious!  They cook very similar to baby spinach and are versatile too. You can add the pea shoots raw into the salad mix that will also be in the share this week or you can stir fry them with sesame oil and garlic.  Pictures will follow soon!

We also continue or potato centric theme into this week’s share.  The white colored sweet potatoes and the good storing and fantastic baking russet potatoes will be included.  As well as leeks which will pair nicely with those ‘taters!   Carrots are also back this week!

The CSA share will look very close to this and might include more:

Salad Mix

Pea Shoots

White Sweet Potatoes

Peppers – sweet and or hot


Russet Potatoes