We have been just amazed at how many beans we have harvested this year.   The Dragon’s and Yellow Beans have been especially productive.   What I’ve been generically calling our yellow bean is actually named the Golden Rocky Wax Bean.  It is a heirloom variety from France also known  as Beurre de Rocquencourt.  What a per former!  The Dragon Beans are actually called Dragon Langerie, and they are a heirloom bean from the Netherlands.  Our Provider Bush Green Beans struggled early on so I planted a whole new crop of them.  Wouldn’t you know it… the original crop has bounced back to life and the new crop is just starting to come in now and looks like it is going to really give a good yield.  So… does anyone want extra beans?  Let me know!  Freeze, Can, or pickle to preserve the summer’s harvest for enjoyment in the winter. 

Anyone get baffled by the spaghetti squash included in last week’s box?  We have a simple recipe to try posted on our appropriate webpage.   

We have just enough spicy lettuce mix to include in our boxes this week!  A welcome sign that fall is approaching.  We have had a bugger of a time getting some of our other mild types of lettuce (Merlot and De Morges Braun) to germinate.   I think the extremely warm ground temperature is to blame.    We will keep trying…

We also have some nice onions this week.  The white onions I started from seed and will make good storage onions.  The yellow onions were from sets and while they will hold for awhile they tend to not last as long as onions planted from seeds.   

This week:


Spicy Lettuce Mix

White & Yellow Onions




Spaghetti Squash


Sweet Peppers

Enjoy the harvest!