The second round of sweet corn is finally ready!  Seems like a long wait, but I think it was only three weeks ago when we harvested the first planting.  Maybe this weather pattern makes it seem so long ago.  What happened to the “dog days” of summer?  We seemed to have skipped them and went straight into the early fall.  Not that I’m complaining!  The near record cool night temperatures are going to cut into the yield of some of our warm weather loving crops though.  While our okra is finally producing, it looks very doubtful that we will have enough for everyone at one time.  We will harvest what we have and keep track of what members received, what members did not yet, and who does not want any.  Oddly enough this cooler then normal summer is shaping up to be our best ever melon year.  We will have another round of cantaloupe this week and  then next week we will be sinking our teeth into some big juicy watermelons.  We cut a watermelon open and it was a tad pink yet inside but still very delicious.  We’ll give the patch another week. 

This Tuesday we will also have our second round of chickens butchered.  Let me know if you want any fresh, unfrozen birds.  We should have them ready for pickup around 5-5:30 PM.  

The share this week:

Sweet Corn – Spring Treat

Cantaloupe – Hannah’s Choice

Tomatoes – Tiffen Mennonite, Green Zebra,  Amish Paste, Ruby Gold, Sun Gold, Cherry Sweetie

Chard/Kale –  Bright Lights / Blue Ridge

Sweet Peppers – Jimmy Nardello

Hot Peppers – Jalepeno + Hungarian

Kohlrabi –  Gingante 

Fingerling Potato – Austrian Crescent

Eggplant – Galine

Onions – Stuttgart

One of our CSA members submitted a great recipe that uses a lot of veggies from the share.  Garden Vegetable Couscous.  Find it in the recipe section!!!