What’s Fresh this week:

Purple Bell Peppers                                                      String Beans

Shallots – Dutch Yellow                                                  Cucumber

Potatoes- Purple Viking                                                 Zucchini               

Garlic- Georgia Fire (smaller) & Italian     


Kale                                                                            Swiss Chard


Purple Bell Pepper- a sweet pepper.  Purple skin and green flesh.

A lot of purple this week by pure coincidence, unless I have some fondness for the color that I was not conscious of before!  Anyway,  new this week we have purple bell peppers and purple Viking potatoes to go along with our purple dragon’s tongue beans and purple eggplant.   The garden was plenty thirsty and mother nature was kind enough to quench that thirst with over two inches of rain this week.   That is the good news!  We did have some bad news however.  Saturday morning we arrived at the farm to find the chickens in complete disarray.  A fox, or more likely a few fox,  broke into the electric poultry netting and had a feast.  What was  102 four week old chickens was reduced to 20 in one night.  It was a devastating loss to see.   We’ve regained our composure since then and will make adjustments to our chicken raising strategy for next year.  With a baby due in September we’ve decided not to start another batch of chickens this year despite the loss.  So in other words… chicken will be in Tight supply! 


Sungold Tomatoes are right around  the corner… 


Enjoy the harvest!