Instead of an herb, this week we are featuring honey! We wanted to make sure everyone understands the different types of honey available. We now have Pappy’s fall honey available for purchase on the honey and maple syrup table. With only a few pickups left, nows the time to stock up on honey for the rest of fall and winter. Just remember, honey does not go bad, and it is perfectly fine crystallized. If your honey does crystallize just scoop it with a spoon or put it in warm water to reliquify it.

The dark fall honey currently on the honey table is bursting with flavor! It comes primarily from Japenese Knotweed and Goldenrod nectar.

Our light-colored spring honey is a light and sweet flavor primarily from fruit nectar.

Last but not least, some of you may have snagged a jar of Pappy’s special honey he is calling the crème de la crème of bottled honey! Its color fell right between the dark fall and light spring. He believes this honey is actually from our very own vegetable nectar. The bees that make this particular honey are called Russian bees and have been great producers this year. Pappy has a few more hives to extract honey from at the farm so we are hoping we get more of this delicious honey!