I am not sure if it’s the rainy days or the cool Spring, but some of the summer crops are a week or so behind schedule.   It’s an exercise in patience waiting for those green tomatoes, melons and sweet corn to ripen up.   I took a peak at some ears of corn….  nope not ready.  Walked through aisle after aisle of tomatoes looking for a freak big ripe one… nope.  Tip toed through the melon patch careful not to step on anything….  I did decide to pick a sorbet swirl watermelon to take in the house with me.  While it was very delicious as it was,  they probably would taste even better if we wait one more week…  *sigh*

We still do have a great share though this week!

Zucchini – the harvest of the greens are slowing down,  the yellow better hurry up!

Cucumbers – going as strong as ever

Beans – nice harvest of purple and green,  yellow seems to be lagging behind

White Onions – these pungent beauties will make you cry

Savoy or Red Cabbage – tough choice this week!

Microgreens – our “greens” for the week, giving the kale patch a break

Carrots – great fresh eating snack carrots

Garlic – the last of the year I believe

Sweet Peppers – Two bell types ; the lighter green have an interesting citrus flavor about them

Celery – a real water loving crop, it is looking real healthy this year!

Eggplant or Okra – take your pick! 

Hot Peppers –  kick it up a notch!  Jalapeno/Pablano

Fingerling Potatoes – the purple potatoes are back!


In the flower garden these Zinnias are a real show stopper!