Bumper crops are becoming the norm around here and we love it!!  The peas are coming in now and they are just hanging FULL!   The snow peas are first up to bat, but the sugar snap peas are right behind and just maybe will be in the share this week too.  Then last but certainly not least the shelling peas are starting to fill up and they look like they might be ready to pick for next week.  The snow peas you will find in the share this week are the flat type pea that is often used in stir fries, but may also be enjoyed raw.

We also have some nice heads of broccoli in the share.  We were a little concerned for our broccoli during the heat wave but the heads held together and they are pretty darn nice!  Usually we have better luck with our fall broccoli, but this year the fall crop has a lot to live up to!

And back to the bumper crops, we might have gotten a little carried away with planting turnips this year.  But you never know with bugs, and the bugs love turnips so we planted a bunch in spring and wouldn’t you know… very little bug damage this year on both the hakurei and scarlet queens which we will harvest this week.  We never tried these before though so we’ll see how they compare to those delectable hakurei.  I hope they are as tasty as they look…

A crop unfamiliar to some of our new members might be the garlic scapes.  These are the flower bud of the garlic plant.  We harvest these from the plant to encourage bulb growth.  They can be used like you would a clove of garlic… diced up for a mild garlic taste. 

We will also have some bunches of kale for the first time this season.

Pay no attention to the thistle patch on the right…  we have everything under control here,  Lol yeah right!!  Lots and lots to do…  it’s gotta be June!  Here is the share this week:

Strawberries galore!

Garlic Scapes



Snow Peas






Herbs: New additions this week  Mint and Borage