The days are really starting to feel shorter now as summer is winding down.  It sure does feel nice to come in to the house at dark and find out it is still not even 9 o clock though!  Despite the earlier sunset,  there is still a lot to get done on the farm and sometimes the fact that it is dark out doesn’t stop us….

Here we are starting to plant some fall crops like broccoli and cabbage…

And here we are finishing up a couple hours later….

It’s impossible to tell from my horrible photography skills, but I was towing our two seat transplanter with our farmhand Colin and Heather dropping the started plants into the ground.  My mother, Joyce and son Jonas were helping to keep things flowing steady by stocking the transplanter with flats of 60 plants and making sure each plant was tucked in neatly in the ground.  The excitement of working in the dark kept 3 year old Jonas wound up and we all had fun planting by head/tail lights! 

We also end up racing the sun every Monday and Thursday night as we prep for the next days CSA pick up.  The tomatoes, potatoes, and sweet corn we start to harvest the night before so that we can make sure everything is ready to go by 1 o’clock the next day when CSA pick up starts. 

Speaking of tomatoes and sweet corn.  We have both for sale in bulk right now if interested.

Our amish paste tomatoes are available in half bushels(25lbs) for $25,  and our chemical-free, organically grown sweet corn is $6/dozen.  The sweet corn is a white variety called Augusta.  The first planting has been in the share and we are starting to harvest our 2nd planting  this week.   If you are thinking about preserving either of these two… now is the time to make the time to get it done.   Sweet corn does not hold long out in the field and our tomatoes are over their peak production and headed the other way….

CSA List

Sweet Corn



Sweet Peppers



Patty Pan Squash

Spaghetti Squash

Purple Viking Potatoes – purple and pink skins,  makes a great baker or masher

Red Torpedo Onions – Italian heirloom, sweet and delicious on the grill or braised.  Not good in storage though