With the busiest part of the season behind us, it’s time to reclaim the garden. Fall seedlings are starting to poke though the soil and the cooler weather is allowing them to thrive. The more laborious work of this season is the composting of spent plants (cornstalks, bean plants, and tomato vines), preparing for fall cover cropping, and keeping the weeds tamed (weedwacking).  Sadly, we even had to pull some unharvested crops.  For the second year in a row the Brussels sprouts were a failure.   We had some mild success with them in our first year of farming in 2010, but it must have been beginner’s luck! 

We are still patiently waiting for the little guy to grace us with his presence.   The doctor said this will certainly be our last weekend before we are parents.    In the meantime we will be harvesting a few things like…

Green Beans

Sweet Peppers





Kale or Swiss chard

Sweet Corn


& Maybe Tomatoes

The flower of the Okra plant. Anybody else think it looks like a hibiscus flower?