After dealing with a brutal week of heat, humidity, and ravenous swarms of bugs, we finally have some relief in the form of cooler temperatures and some much needed rain.  The 3/4 inch of rain we received Saturday night was our first significant rainfall in a few weeks.  We can irrigate all we want to, but there is nothing like a steady soaking rain to refresh the farm and farmers!

We had a very brief 2nd crop of summer squash this year…  it only lasted one week before giving in to bugs and mildew.  So, hi ho hi ho, it’s off to the winter squash we go.  The spaghetti squash are the first of the bunch to ripen.  When this hearty yellow squash is cooked, the flesh can be pulled into noodle-like shreds that are low in calories and naturally gluten-free. Like noodles, the squash adds texture to a recipe and takes on the flavor of whatever it’s tossed with.

To cook the squash before adding it to any dish, halve it lengthwise, remove the seeds and brush the cut side with olive oil, then roast it cut side down on a baking sheet in a 350° degree oven until soft. 

We also have dragon’s tongue beans this week.  These were mentioned in a blog back in July when Heather had to plant them while I was recuperating from bee stings.  There is no bean as crisp and juicy as a raw dragon bean!

The rest of the CSA share:

Tomatoes – last week?





Dragon Beans

Spaghetti Squash


possibly Lettuce Mix…….


Have a refreshing week!