Over the winter I make up a planting chart of goal dates for each crop to get planted in the ground, whether it be in the greenhouse, direct to the fields, or transplanted from the greenhouse to the field.  I am certain to say that we rarely are able to hit those goal dates with any consistency.  Most of the time it’s Mother Nature who is responsible for this.  This year though… so far, so good.  Here’s a picture of the peas.

Last year at this time they were not even germinated yet.  We are a month ahead of where we were last year with them!  Here’s the brassica crops that we just planted Saturday…

Kohlrabi, Cabbage, Cauliflower, and Broccoli are all in two weeks ahead of last year but right on our schedule.  We have the potato beds all ready to be planted tomorrow or Tuesday…

Right on schedule!  And the starts in the greenhouse are looking great…


Celery and Celeriac

Tomatoes, just starting to pop a week ago, but right on schedule for a mid May transplant date. Staying on schedule helps us have time to deal with unexpected jobs like digging these out!

I hit it last year with a plow and it lifted the nose of our big tractor right up into the air! 

Our 3 year old, Jonas, was very puzzled by this rock and where it came from.  He said it wasn’t there last year… and must have come from the moon… sometime after Christmas…  LOL!

Back to tomatoes for a second… check out just a bit of the selection we are growing this year!

Happy Cat Farm is from Kennett Square, PA and they have an awesome selection of heirlooms and other unique varieties.  Who can’t wait to try these!?!?!

We are also thrilled to be able to offer eggs to members this year!  Our partner in this is The Nesting Box from Kempton.  Find them on Facebook or Instagram!


Oh, and our asparagus is up and out of the ground!

See everyone soon!!