We are harvesting a record amount of shell peas this year.  I hope all the CSA members are ready to shuck!  I just spent 4 hours picking peas and called it an evening….   still more to pick out there.   I am beginning to understand why the large 100+ member CSA’s designate the peas as a pick your own crop!   It is a very gratifying job to have though and I truly do enjoy harvesting for our members. 

A couple of new crops not quite so labor intensive to harvest are in this week, cauliflower and red beets.  The red beets could tell quite a story if they could talk.  I planted them in very early April and they were up about 2 inches when we had a 1/2 of snowfall and a 24 degree temperature.  They were not happy and neither was I!  I came very close to tilling up the bed to plant again but never got around to it.  Low and behold the roots never gave up and here we are 80 days later and our 50 days to harvest red beets are in.  Woohoo, sweet victory!! 

No crazy stories to tell about the cauliflower.  We planted it, covered it with an ag cloth to keep bugs off, uncovered it to weed it, and now we are ready to harvest.  Sometimes it does go just as planned! 

Here we are for week 6,  1/4 of the season gone already.  Time does fly!

Lettuce Mix


Kale/Swiss Chard

Scallions/Garlic Scapes


Red Beets


Shell Peas

Sugar Snap Peas

Strawberries *Tuesday members only since we started with them on a Friday*