Welcome to 2019, our 10th year of having a Community Supported Agriculture(CSA) Program!  What started as an after workday hobby has flourished with the support of the community and a lot of hard work!  As we turn another calendar year over we reflect back to our humble beginnings, trials, triumphs and friendships made over the years. In these moments warm smiles and feelings of gratitude outpour from us. We continue to remain enthusiastic about growing organic, nutrient dense, farm fresh food!  We are excited to begin another year and there is no better time than the present to signup as a 2019 CSA Member!

To go along with your weekly share of our farm fresh veggies, additional items like The Nesting Box’s eggs, Calaboga Grazing’s beef and pork, Four Monkey’s coffee, Pappy’s Bees Honey, Augusta Acre’s Maple Syrup and possibly more will be available.

As usual,  we are going to have two different box pick up days to choose from:

  • Every Tuesday from May 21 – Oct 22   or
  • Every Friday from May 24 – Oct 25

Both are 23 weeks in length

Whichever day of the week you pick, that is the day you will keep throughout the season.


  • Tuesday on the farm @ 8141 Valley View Rd Northampton PA 18067 from 1 – 7PM
  • Friday on the farm @ 8141 Valley View Rd Northampton PA 18067 from 1 – 7PM


Full Share $700.00 ($30/week)

  • Suggested for families of 3+ or 2 vegetarians
  • 8-12 different items
  • PYO herbs and flowers

Half Share $400.00 ($17/week)

  • Receive the same 8-12 items but half the amount
  • Receive the same PYO (pick your own) options in the herb and flower gardens as full share members

Sampler Full Share $140 ($35/week)

  • 4 consecutive weeks of your choice
  • 8-12 items + PYO flowers and herbs
  • ability to upgrade to whole season at prorated cost

Sampler Half Share $80 ($20/week)

  • Same as above with roughly half the amount of each item

Sign up through our webpage here

Checks can be sent to:
Terra Fauna Farm
8141 Valley View Rd
Northampton PA 18067
Please include your email address, contact phone number and what day of the week you would like to pick up on.

Memberships can be reserved with as little as a $100 down payment or be paid in full. We prefer that balances be paid by the start of the CSA season, but are willing to work with members to set up a payment program that works for them.

Why Join?

People join our CSA for many reasons.  Here are 3 common ones:

Eat Healthy – We select which vegetables to grow with taste as one of the most important factors.  We do not grow for “qualities” like shipability.  It is easy to eat healthy when the food is delicious.  It’s awesome hearing stories from members on what new vegetables they have discovered from our CSA that they just love.  Parents also tell us how amazed they are at what vegetables their children now suddenly love to eat.  There is no debate…. eating organically grown, nutrient dense, farm fresh food is good for your health!

Join a Food Community – Each week members have the opportunity to visit the farm.  Pick some fresh herbs,  pick a bouquet of flowers, share a story of a triumph in the kitchen, share a recipe idea, or chat it up with Joyce and Scott under the CSA share pick up pavillion!  Members are encouraged to join our private Facebook group TFF Community.  We also write a weekly blog during the season to inform members on what to expect in each share.

Save Money – For each share, when running a cost comparison to the local grocery store, members are saving alot of money at our farm.  Over the course of our 23 week season it adds up to hundreds of dollars saved.  The cost of a Full share equates to $30/ week or $4.34/ day.  And this is on top of the fact that our produce is harvested fresh and given directly to you skipping the middleman.


We hope you decide to join us for 2019.

Have a Happy New Year!