Shout out to everyone who has done a rain dance for us. This week we received some much needed rain, and looks like some more is in the forecast! The water buggy needed a break, and seems it’s finally here. This week, we planted butternut, spaghetti, sunshine, acorn and delicata squash as well as sweet potatoes. We also got tractor lessons. 

That’s me toting the water buggy!

and here’s an action shot of Rachel laying plastic for the squash. 

The share this week includes:



Garlic Scapes

Lettuce Mix



Snow Peas


Pea Shoots (learn more here)

There are a few items on here that you may be unfamiliar with. Well, you’re in luck! Rachel and I have been working hard to put together a master list of the vegetables we have at Terra Fauna. If you go to “Our Products” and then to “Our Vegetables”, you will find yourself on a page with a few different vegetable categories.  Exploring these categories will make you an expert on the vegetables you have or will receive. Info on nutrition, storage, and cooking is available, and everything is specific to the varieties we have! Clicking here will bring you to our root vegetable page, where you can learn more about kohlrabi if you’re still a little confused what to do with it. 

Have a great week everyone, can’t wait to see you!

Jaclyn the farmhand