With all the uncertainty in the world these days, I just want to update the status of how things are growing on the farm. I’m happy to report that things here are pretty good. Everyone is healthy and we are right on schedule with the planting. April’s weather has left alot to be desired, but March was pretty balmy and we took full advantage! For this week we have about 15,000 onions that need to get planted along with a few herbs that will get direct seeded into the herb garden. Speaking of which, we are expanding the PYO flower and herb gardens a little more this year due to their popularity. We now have 15 different herbs and 27 varieties of cut flowers for members to help themselves to on their CSA share pick up days. With the first CSA shares scheduled to be picked up a little over a month from now, it is too early to say exactly what things will look like till then. We can say that we will do whatever it takes though to make sure all members get their shares in a safe and comfortable way for everyone. We will revisit this closer to the start of the season. The CSA sign ups have been very strong and we are very thankful for the support! We know many folks are avoiding grocery stores and crowded spaces, and hope that visiting our farm once a week to pick up a CSA share offers you the chance to get some fresh air and comfort while picking up food for the table! We once again are partnered with other farmers to provide members the option to purchase things in which we do not grow ourselves like meats, eggs, dairy products, honey, maple syrup, and coffee. We believe that our CSA model which connects local farmers directly with our local community is now more relevant than ever. And yes, we still have room for more members if you haven’t joined yet!! Click on the “sign up” tab on our homepage.

We can’t wait to see everyone in May!