I just had the weather channel on and that was the 6 day forecast for this week.  Kind of redundant, made me laugh though!   No complaining here,  it’s good weather for a vegetable farmer.  We just have to get working in the early morning hours, drink and dress properly, and I don’t seem to mind it. Much!  The lettuce sure did mind it though.   We rototilled it all under and will replant in a couple weeks for a late summer through the end of October harvest.  The zucchini is really coming on strong now and there will be plenty of that to go around.   We have three types: patty pan, 8-Ball, and a traditional yellow.  Squash is such a versatile veggy.  We have grilled it, stuffed it, baked with it, sauteed it, pickled it, fried it… I think the point is clear!  You can really let your creativity shine with zucchini.   We will also have the first of a long line of potatoes in the box this week, the new potatoes. These are young potatoes with tender skin, best stored in the refridgerator and eaten within a week or so.  Following these we will have fingerling potatoes, middle of the season colorful red and purple potatoes, and an end of season storing potato.  Also might want to pick out a cabbage recipe or two to use.  We will have cabbage in the CSA share for a couple of weeks.  So the box for this sticky, humid, muggy week will look like this:


New Potatoes



Kale/Swiss Chard

Red/Golden Beets



PYO Herbs:  Parsley, Sage, Chamomile, Chives, Oregano, Tarragon, and NEW Coriander

Have a great week!