Mixing it up this week! Instead of the herb of the week, we decided to give you some information on how to store your produce and how long to expect it to last. Some of the squash listed below you may have not gotten yet, but we want to prepare you in case you do get one of these squashes in the future. (Squash Storage Resource)

Winter squash storage: Keep the squashes up off of the floor and in a cool, dry place.

Acorn Squash:  Best quality when eaten within 2½ months of harvest.

Spaghetti Squash: Store for about 2½ months.

Delicata: Eating quality is best within 3 months of harvest.

Kabocha: Store up to 4 months.

Blue Hubbard, Butternut, and Autumn Frost:  Best after 1–2 months of storage, and will keep 4–6 months.

Some other veggie storage tips!

Onions: Best stored in a cool (30-45 degrees), dry, and dark place with good ventilation. Make sure whatever the onions are in has good ventilation and do not store in a sealed plastic bag. When stored properly, onions can last for a couple of months. You can also freeze chopped onions for about 3-6months.

Green Beans: If you have any green beans left from last week and can’t eat them, you can blanch and freeze them! Click HERE for tips on freezing your beans.

Sweet Potatoes: I don’t know who wouldn’t want to eat their sweet potatoes right away!! But, if you want to store them, sweet potatoes often last 3-5 weeks at room temperature or 2-3 months in the fridge.

Potatoes: Store potatoes (like russet potatoes) in a cool, dry place and they can last between 4-6 months.