The final share of the season is this week. Of course, it is one of those moments you ponder how time just flies right by. Although, I think eating fresh vegetables directly from the farm helps to keep yourself very connected to time and more so the seasons. We are very thankful that you shared the journey from strawberries in May to Butternut Squash in October with us!

We have another very nice share filled with the tastes of Fall to end the season with.

CSA List

Dry Beans – these are great for anything and have a very long shelf life so you can enjoy them throughout winter

Parsnips – roasted, glazed, mashed, soups, salads… if you are unfamiliar with parsnips, they have a taste close to a carrot but with a  subtle difference often described as nuttier and/or grassier

Leeks – mild tasting onion flavor.  Ours a smaller then ususal but we have a lot of them to help make up for that!

Brussels Sprouts – my nemesis! I have more trouble growing these then any other crop. I think we will have a small amount for everyone.

Turnips –  this year we grew the heirloom Gilfeather Turnip which is a mild tasting turnip with an interesting story…  Developed and named after John Gilfeather from Wardsboro, Vermont,  Mr. Gilfeather carefully guarded his stock to ensure that no one else could propagate the vegetable. However, some seeds slipped by and a few folks have continued to grow the Gilfeather Turnip after Mr. Gilfeather died.

We’ll also have Kale, Spinach, Carrots, a choice on winter squash and potatoes, and also a whole other choice section.

Out in the herb garden,  we still have a few options as well.  The Lemongrass patch is looking extremely healthy.  Don’t be afraid to dig in there!!

There is not much left to the flower garden however!

Do you think October has been warm enough?  There are a few confused strawberries out there…

Although just like the ones you can get at a grocery store in October,  these really had no taste!

We all really enjoyed the season and hope you did too.  Details on 2018 will come out in December.

Once again thank you for joining us!