We are really getting into the thick of the harvest now… the “sweet spot”  you could say.  Hard to believe, but we are now entering the 2nd half of the CSA season.  This will be week 13 of the 24 weeks.   How is everyone enjoying the ride so far?   While it is half way for the CSA, the work in the garden is probably over half way done… atleast I tell myself and my help that!  

We are definitely in the thick of tomato season.  We have a good bit of Amish Paste tomatoes coming in.  If anyone is interested in a half bushel or more for sauce/salsa making let us know.  CSA members receive a discounted price of $1.00/lb on a half bushel or more tomatoes.  A half bushel is roughly 25lbs. 

Here’s a good reason why we are in the sweet spot of the season… the sweet corn looks ready to pick.  I didn’t try any yet though, so don’t hold me to it! 

Here’s what to expect this week:


Potatoes – Purple Viking

Onions – Stuttgart, crisp flavored yellow

Sweet Peppers – Green Bell

Sweet Corn – let’s hope!

Zucchini – original patch is back from the dead for one last week

Dragons’ Tongue Beans – Amazing taste so juicy and crisp raw they rarely make it to the pan


Kale or Swiss Chard


Okra – we’ll have to share, sorry, I should have planted more. 


Enjoy the harvest,