The isolated thunderstorms were isolated somewhere other than our little pocket of land this past weekend and we are now dried out.  Amazing how quick it happened too.  One searing hot week with little or no cloud cover and we went from comfortably moist soil to dust.  Literally everything needs water and we do not have an irrigation system in place to make that happen so it’s a “pick your battle to fight” type of feeling.  There are more isolated type showers in the forecast… we’ll leave it at that!

In the meantime, the harvesting keeps clicking right along.  The share this week is:

Fingerling Potatoes



Green Beans

Wax Beans


Sun Gold/Cherry type Tomatoes

Garlic (Georgia Fire)

Choice: Savoy Cabbage or Kale

The Georgia Fire garlic is the first of five varieties of garlic we grew this year.  We planted cloves in October and 9 months later… wa la… Garlic Bulbs!   Anyway, as you may have guessed by its name, the Georgia Fire garlic is on the hotter/stronger side of the taste spectrum.   In future CSA boxes we will have Italian softneck, Czech softneck, Music hardneck, and German hardneck garlic.  By the end of the season, perhaps we will all be garlic afficianados. 

Always a memorable moment of the season for me is the first ripe tomato.  In 2011 and 12, I had my first juicy sungold on July 4th.  This year, it was July 12th.  Alas, we will have enough for everyone to enjoy this week!   Heather and I cut a bunch of them in half and loaded up a homemade pizza with them tonight… delicious!