We certainly are thankful to have escaped the wrath of mother nature this past week.  We had pea sized hail do some damage, but nothing that should set us back.  Our neighbors just a couple miles west of us were really pounded by golf ball size hail.  The timing of the hail at least gives everyone a chance to replant.  A month or so later and it starts to get too late in the season to plant things like sweet corn. 

Speaking of planting, we sure have been busy the past couple of days.  We planted 500 sweet potato slips, celeriac, late season kohlrabi, sweet peppers, okra, eggplant, & cucumbers.  Then we weeded the carrots, beets, beans, kale, and chard.  Now we are going to chill out for 24 hours and re-energize our batteries!  We still have lots to do…  should get caught up around…. oh… say….  Octoberish?!? 

A stroll through the garden today leads me to believe this week’s share will look something very close to last week with two new additions,  kale and spring onions. 

If you need ideas for what to do with the CSA share, you have to look no further then our own recipe page.  This can be found under the “interact” tab on our homepage.  On the right hand side just click the veggie you want a recipe for and a list will appear.   While we are on lists here is the rundown:

Lettuce Mix





Spring Onions


Arugula/Mache?  (arugula is bolting already and the mache is very weedy)

A couple of questions were asked about a vacation policy…  Sorry I forgot to explain this earlier.  While you are on vacation, you may have a neighbor, friend, relative, anyone really, pick up your share.  Just let us know to expect someone new and give us a name and number in case we need to contact them.  

See you soon!