So hard to believe, but we actually had a blog centered around the lack of rain about 3 weeks ago.  Since then, our ground has been so moist that we can’t use our cultivators effectively due to the mud.  So we have had to resort to hand weeding.  And, as one could expect, we are getting overrun with weeds.  I have never seen anything like it.  I think it has to do with the fact that our fields were grass/hay fields for 7 years prior and there is quite literally trillions of grass/weed seeds in the ground just waiting for the right conditions to germinate.  So we pick our battles as wisely as we can and fight on.  We bailed out the pick your own herb garden this weekend and we will have it available for members for the first time.  Tuesday members can help themselves, and Friday members need to email me if they want any of the following included in their share.









We will have Dill soon also.

The herbs are meant to be cut in a smaller quantity.  We hope to have a larger amount of dill and basil for pesto/sauce/pickling later in the year.

We also bailed out the carrot beds and they should be in the share in a couple weeks.  Every now and then a carrot would get pulled right up with the weed.  They are tasty even covered in mud!  I can’t wait to try them without it.  The pick your own flower garden is next up on the list to bail out!

Also new in the share this week is Zucchini.  Hopefully, we’ll have it for awhile so we can get the freezer restocked with all sorts of zucchini goodness. 

CSA list for week 6

Snow, Sugar Snap, and/or Shell Peas



Lettuce Mix



Kale or Swiss Chard


Happy Summer Solstice!!