The CSA list for week 13

Heirloom Tomatoes of all shapes, color and sizes

Cherry Tomatoes – 4 different varieties.  Which color is your favorite?

Cucumbers – the last week for the standard Marketmore cucumbers.  Pickling cukes just starting to come in.

Sweet Peppers – Bell peppers and 2 different heirloom frying peppers.  Make sure you try the tapered frying peppers.  You will not find these in the grocery store and they are awesome.

Hot Peppers – Jalapeno, Poblano, & Carrot Chile

Onions/Shallots – take your pick!

Eggplant – 3 different types once again to choose from

All Blue Potatoes

Yellow Summer Squash/Patty Pan – you didn’t think zucchini season was over did you?

Watermelon – most likely the last week we have enough for everyone, but cantaloupes are coming soon 

Choice Table with Tomatillo, Okra, and more!


The rain just does not let up and we are starting to notice that the tomatoes are not real happy about that.  This is looking like it will be another short tomato season.  If you are interested in buying tomatoes in bulk for sauce let us know.  We grow the Amish Paste tomato and will be selling 1/2 bushels for $25.  We also have a very healthy looking stand of basil in the u-pick herb garden to go with those tomatoes.

Also in the u-pick garden are these asters now in full bloom…

Fulper Family Farmstead now has their refrigeration issues all fixed and we should be well stocked with your dairy orders!