Shew!  We made it through the torrential rains last week and we are ready for a return to some normalcy around here.  This week’s CSA share will look very similar to last week’s share.  There will be a couple new tweeks though!

The first one is a simple change in onion color.  This week have some gorgeous yellow onions for everyone.

Another slight change is we hope to have a choice for everyone when it comes to the melons.  We are having a pretty rough melon season when it comes to the cantaloupe and our other 2 specialty melons, the sensation melon and the galia melon.  They do NOT like all this rain.  They are splitting out in the field and they aren’t even ripe yet!  We have picked some but we are not getting the numbers it takes to have one for everybody.  So we will pair them with the watermelon that were in the share last week and give members a pretty tough choice to make! Sorry!!  On the bright side… we do have other plantings of both a seedless watermelon and cantaloupe that are still looking to have good potential.

The final tweek to the share will be with our cherry tomatoes.  This week we will pick some pints of cherry tomatoes for members but they will count as a choice under the pavilion.  However, if you want to pick your own cherry tomatoes, we will give you a quart or two and you can have at it!  The picking is easy right now as they are hanging high on the plants and very plentiful.  The cherry tomatoes are planted just above the herb and flower garden for easy access.  The weather is predicted to be hot and humid so please come prepared!   It doesn’t take long to pick a quart though.  We have 4 varieties of cherry tomatoes to choose from.  The orange is Sungold, the red is Jasper, the deep pink is Sunpeach, and the yellow is Honeydrop.

The CSA share list:

Spaghetti Squash

Yellow Onions

Harvest Moon Potatoes



Summer Squash




Choice Table