As I am sure everyone can guess,  we have a lot of great help on the farm to ensure a successful season.  The picture of our crew above was taken this Tuesday.  Missing were Brandy and Andeana.

With the end of summer closing in and school starting back up we had to say good bye this week to Nate who is headed back to Penn State to continue his study towards a degree in Agriculture.  His favorite thing to do on the farm was pull weeds and pick beans. LOL!  His next favorite thing was driving the tractors! Thanks Nate. 

Also heading off to school in two weeks will be Jonas and his cousin Shane who both will start kindergarten this year.  This will be a big change for all of us.  Jonas’s favorite thing to do on the farm is talk.  Things sure will be quiet around here while their at school!

And thank you to Brandy who was with us last summer and came back this year to fill in her schedule on the farm as time allowed.  She is here a little bit longer before she heads back to college herself.

We still have a great crew left to see us through to the end of the season.  And thank goodness for that!  It’s shaping up to be a rough one.   😉  We’ll post some more on our all star crew in the future.

This week for the CSA share we will have good news and bad news:

Tomatoes of all shapes, colors and sizes

Peppers of all shapes, colors, sizes, and heat levels!

Green Beans with maybe a sprinkling of heirloom Dragon Tongue beans

Yellow Onions

Butternut Squash – we planted these earlier then ever and we are so glad we did since they are harvested, out of the soggy fields and ready to enjoy.  The spaghetti squash… well not so much.  They were planted at our more traditional date in early June and are suffering for it.  Sitting in the fields rotting in puddles before they even ripen…. very sad.   I think we will have some but the harvest is surely hurt

The choice table will once again be loaded.  Included here will be the last of the melons.  The cantaloupe and second rotation of watermelon have a very similar story to the spaghetti squash.  The overwhelming amounts of rain ruined a large portion of the harvest and what should have been a cantaloupe harvest easily big enough for everyone to enjoy this week has been reduced significantly.  I hesitated to even mention it, but it’s a fact of farming.  It’s not all going to go according to plan.

The herb and flower garden got a “sprucing up” this past week.  Try to give yourself some time at CSA pickup to enjoy a stroll through it!