We have a very different type of share this week.  I think we will have the trusty peppers and tomatoes yet but beyond them it’s really going to get different!  We are going to have two real southern staple foods okra and collard greens.  With the heat predicted this week and these on the menu you might feel like you moved to South Carolina!  But we are also going to sprinkle a few tastes of Fall into the share as well.  Spaghetti Squash and Celeriac will also make their first appearance in the share this week.   The celeriac might trip up a few members on how to use it, but their are many simple and or creative ways.  To prep celeriac you’ll want to “top and tail” it and then peel off the rough outer skin with a knife or potato peeler.  From here you can roast it like any other root vegetable, mash it up with some potatoes and parsley (which by the way we have a lot of in the herb garden), it pairs well with apples which are just coming into season, we have a gratin recipe over on our root vegetable page found here https://www.terrafaunafarm.com/root-vegetables/ , it also is great in soups!  The spaghetti squash is a great vegetable to use in place of noodles.  I know a lot of members were using their zucchini earlier in the year to make zoodles, now the spaghetti squash is here for another super healthy alternative.  Unfortunately, it looks like our Fall planting of zucchini is a bust.  I was hoping it would recover from the flooding where it was planted but it’s looking sadder and sadder every day.  🙁  Before we stray too far off the subject of noodles, check out these Red Noodle Beans…

These fun beans originated in China and have a very distinctly different taste.  They can be used just as you would any other bean.  Just cut them to your desired length!

Here’s a good guess at the share this week:



Collard Greens

Spaghetti Squash


Noodle Beans




Enjoy Labor Day!