Thank you everyone for helping to make the first week of the CSA go very smoothly!  With the new protocols and the additional number of members I was a little nervous, but everything went great I thought.  I did throw some of the returning members off just a bit by changing the parking pattern a little.  I will have fresh new lines on the grass this week to aid in keeping the parking organized.

On to the week 2 share!

This week we will have:

Lettuce:  heads of lettuce for sure, we will also perhaps have our loose leaf mix available as an add-on

Spinach: a mixture of a red veined spinach called Beaujolais and a creamy smooth green leaf named Butterflay

Scallions: red and white scallions

Red Beets:  bunches of baby beets!

Radish:  the 2nd rotation of our French Breakfast radish.  They will be tinier then last week but perhaps even better!

Kale:  Curly Red or Green as well as a flat leafed dinosaur kale…  your choice!

Yokatta Na: the last week for this gem until the Fall when we hope to grow some more.

Kohlrabi: how fitting that this vegetable that looks like it came from outer Space is in the share this week!

Asparagus:  this will be the last week for asparagus. We will have less then last week but enough to put together bunches for the shares

Broccoli:  similar to the asparagus,  we have enough for the share but it will not be enough for a stand alone dish for everyone.  It will be more along the lines of enough for everyone to add into a stir-fry or something similar.  The heads on our 2nd rotation of broccoli are looking much more promising.  Let’s hope that pans out like it should!

Don’t forget herbs and flowers this week. The irises have bloomed and the cilantro is ready to pick as well.

Also we’ll have eggs, butter, yogurt, cheese, coffee, maple syrup and honey as add ons.  It is looking promising that we will have meats in the freezer for week 3!  More details to come.

Some news from the farm:

Peas and Strawberries looking like they will be in the share for week 3!!

The first of the berries went to the farmers  😉

The tomato trellis is now set up just above the herbs and flowers.  The tomatoes should be fun to watch grow every week when you visit!  They really grew this past week.  We did also put an electric fence around them to deter deer.  We will make sure it is turned off during CSA pick up times.

On the other side of the driveway the onions are planted on silver plastic.  It is something new for us this year.  The reflective silver is annoying for the bugs and keeps them away.  By the looks of the onions right now, it seems to be promising.

This week the sweet potatoes get planted and ground gets prepped for the 2021 strawberry crop.  Always planning ahead!

See you soon