This season felt like a run through the gauntlet.  We started with back to back to back Nor’easters in March and fought the weather all season long.   It’s perhaps a little more of a relief this year just to make it to the finish line of the season!  Despite the challenges, we did manage to have a good year and our great crew of farmers and farmhands persevered through it all.  Thank you to all of our members for your support!

The share this week:

Red Romaine Lettuce

Golden Beets

Hakurei Turnips

Bell Peppers

Choice of Potato

Choice of Winter Squash



With very little sun since July, our cabbage and cauliflower is weeks behind in maturity.  For sure the cauliflower will not be ready to harvest this week and might not ever be!  I do think we will have just enough cabbage for everyone though.

There is still a couple of flowers to pick that also dry very nicely and herbs such as parsley, dill, oregano,  lemongrass, sage, and chives are all looking healthy yet.