Strawberries will be in the share this week.  There was a time back in mild days of mid March I thought there would be a good chance we would have strawberries in the first CSA share of the year.  This is something that has only happened twice in the past 10 years.  Then April and May came along and I found myself hoping that we would have strawberries for the CSA period!  After the long arduous journey, I’m happy to say they have made it.  We will be picking them fresh for the CSA on Tuesday and Thursday morning this week.  The frost/freeze wiped out alot of the early berries which for us are the bigger ones.  So we have a lot of smaller but still very tasty sweet berries to pick.  We usually get 3 weeks out of our berries, but this year I am hoping to get two weeks.  We’ll just have to wait and see…

Sorry for the lack of kohlrabi in last week’s share.  I misjudged how much it would grow from Sunday night to Tuesday.  Tuesday morning I made the decision to let them grow another week.  It’s a no brainer now,  time to pick the kohlrabi!  So look back at last week’s recipes for some ideas on how to use kohlrabi if you need some inspiration.

We also have snow peas in the share this week.  These are the flat podded type with small peas inside.  Great for a stir fry or salad.  The crop this year looks very good!   We have sugar snap peas growing yet along with the shelling type peas.  They will be in a future CSA share.

Also new this week is the Garlic Scapes.  These curly “stems” can be diced up like you would a scallion and added to anything you want to flavor with garlic.  A popular choice to use them is within pesto.

The flowers have really started to bloom now.  Lots of choices to make a nice bouquet.  If you see a flower out there you may cut it.   We will not be designating them with orange rubber bands on the signs like we do with the herbs.

The CSA share for week 3:



Lettuce Mix

Snow Peas

Garlic Scapes


Choice of: Swiss Chard or Kale

Choice of:  Beets or Radish