What a run of lousy weather we have had lately, but hopefully we are over that now and the sun will shine.  The farm and farmers could sure use a few days to dry off!  While we have struggled to stay on schedule, things do look pretty good overall.  The first planting of sweet corn really started to come around over the weekend now that it got two whole days of sun!  The second planting of sweet corn we will have to cross our fingers on…  it was getting ridiculously tall and root bound in the greenhouse while we waited for ground to become fit for planting.  We planted it on Friday into what could only be described as clumps of mud.  If it was anything but sweet corn it would have no chance of thriving, but corn is about the hardiest thing we grow.  We’ll wait and see!   The crop the has me worried the most is our potatoes which are in our bottom field. The strawberries however have survived repeated torrential downpours and we will have plenty for everyone once again this week!


Here is the list of what to expect:


Snow Peas


Lettuce Mix

Red Beets

Garlic Scapes


Turnips or Radish

Arugula or Kale

PYO Herbs: Cilantro, Parsley, Chives, Sage, Oregano, Thyme

PYO Flowers: Poppies, Delphinium, Phlox, maybe 1 or two others

New for this week are the snow peas.  These are the first of 3 different types of peas we grow.  The whole pea is edible, pod and all.  They are great in stir fries and salads.   Coming up in the next week or two will be sugar snaps and shelling peas.

Also new this week and a little less common then the snow pea is the garlic scapes.  These are the flower buds of our garlic plants.  We pull them off so the plant puts all of its energy into making a bulb and not the flower.  The best part is you can dice them up and add them to any dish and use just as you would garlic.

Recipes using a few things from this weeks share will follow in the next day or two courtesy of Andeana, our greeter on Tuesday.  If you have any questions on how to use something from the weeks harvest, she is very happy to share ideas!