In case you didn’t see or hear yet, strawberry season is in full swing at TFF!  We had been watching them closely the past week and all of a sudden they ripened up for a good picking on Wednesday.  The Friday members received their first share of them and we hope to give every member 3 weeks of strawberries.  So this will be Tuesday’s members first week of berries.  We think we will also have enough for members to be able to pick their own if they want more then what they receive in their share.  If you are unable to pick more but are interested in more, we will have extra picked to buy also.

Not as popular as strawberries but still a big favorite for many of you, the broccoli is also coming in very nicely!  We’ll have plenty to go around for a couple of weeks as well.    We hope to have a third new item this week in Snow Peas!  These peas are for stir fries or salads and can be eaten whole.   The first of them are ripe now and there are quite a few immature ones hanging that we hope to pick on Tuesday morning.  Here is the share…



Snow Peas

Lettuce Mix





Choice: Kale or an extra Rhubarb

Raindrops on the Broccoli, a common sight this year!

Next year’s strawberries. Look at those cuties!