This week we’ll have zucchini in the CSA share.  The earliest we have ever had some ready to pick.  I researched this by taking a stroll back through memory lane and reading all our June blogs from the past.  I updated the home page to include a couple of my favorites.  It’s fun to look back on our past and reflect on our and Jonas’s growth!

Cousa Squash

Zucchini! Did you know this means “little squash” in Italian?

Also, we have a new type for our members to try this year.  We grew some Mid-East type cousa squash to go along with our traditional green zucchini.  Let us know what you think of them!

Also, new in the share this week are the garlic scapes.  These are actually the flower bud of the garlic plant.  We cut these off to encourage the plant to put all of it’s energy into making a thick and hearty bulb.  You can chop these up and use them just as you would garlic!

Here is the complete list for this week:

Strawberries – the harvest continues!  Although this very well might be the last week Here is a member submitted recipe for Paleo Strawberry Rhubarb Crisp:

Broccoli – Two plantings all came at once!  We have a lot to go around

Snow Peas – we had plenty of snow for them in March,  I hope their happy!

Lettuce Mix – we are hiding it from the deer in our thistle patch!

Garlic Scapes – keep the vampires at bay with these flower buds

Zucchini – earliest ever crop in this crazy year 2018

Kale – this was supposed to be a choice of kale or swiss chard, but the deer clearly enjoy swiss chard over kale and are having it their way right now.  We’ll tuck a new planting of chard away behind some electric fence for the Fall

Kohlrabi or Turnips – a great kohlrabi season and a not so great turnip season.  We’re offering a choice

Flowers are blooming and herbs are showing a lot of growth.  Take some time to cut a few for yourselves!


Have a great week,