The first heat wave of the summer has arrived and so have some new  items for the CSA.  We just finished up picking a few bushels of shell peas this evening.  The peas really went through a lot of tough weather this Spring but have been quite productive!


Shell Peas hanging heavy

For the first time ever we decided not to trellis them because they were so short.  Despite what they lack in height they are making up for in quantity and quality peas.  We just have to bend a little more!  We might also have sugar snap peas for everyone this week as well.  They were not quite ready to pick yet though so it is tough to tell.

The week 5 share will look something like this:

Zucchini – really rolling in now!  A healthy amount for everyone!!

Garlic Scapes –  final week for these tasty treats.  In about a month or so we’ll have bulbs

Cauliflower – Finicky vegetable to grow, Spring or Fall.  We are happy to harvest some!

Cabbage – the first variety of two we grow in Spring.  Both looking great!

Shell Peas – get ready to shuck some peas!

Sugar Snaps – not quite as productive, we tried a new variety this year. Keep searching I feel

Strawberry – Tuesday only I think, since we started out the harvest on a Friday it all evens out

Choice : Rhubarb, Kale, Swiss Chard, Red Beets